So I haven’t written in awhile. Therein lie the drawbacks of planning too much. I am in the middle of relearning what Attic Greek I knew, and moving on into the meat of the language. In the words of my Latin professor, First Year Greek is the hardest language you’ll ever take, if you don’t count Second Year Greek, and that’s if you know Latin already. However, it is not this that is holding me back, but a number of projects that have taken root over the past two weeks.

Item the first: I am rewriting the paper I plan to use for my grad school admissions, and that must take precedence over anything else on this list.

Item the second: I have completed another chapter of The Edge of The Sky, and am in the final stages of editing it and the previous two chapters. As well, I am nearing the end of another chapter, and will begin editing it soon. I would like to have both of those up by a week from this Friday, but I move back across the country a week from this Thursday. The first chapter should be up by the end of this week, and the second will come up as soon as I can get it up, knowing that the move will complicate things.

Item the third: I have begun work on another project of mine, possibly the first writing project I ever sketched out. What is it? For now, I shall say little more other than that it is quintessentially Roman, if time travel were Roman.

And on the note of Time Travel, the subject of the sci-fi ‘book’ recommendation isn’t a book at all, but the acclaimed Doctor Who.

After that, I may post on Syntax if I’ve the time, but my next post will likely be Sunday, when I will recommend another piece of sci-fi/fantasy.


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