Return, pt. 2

It would only take a casual reader to notice that it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything here. The past year was my senior year at Reed College, and as of May 19th (or 20th, or 21st, or some time around then…I’m sure it says on my diploma, but that isn’t the important part), I am a Reed College graduate! For those of you who are familiar with colleges and standardized testing, Reed College : academic rigor :: UCSB : partying. For those of you who aren’t familiar with colleges, despite being ridiculously small (student body of 1400), Reed College has produced the second-highest number of Rhodes scholars. Moreover, Reed College is third in the percentage of its graduates who go on to get Ph.D.s (and I hope to be one of them). Unlike most colleges, Reed College has experienced almost no grade inflation, with an average GPA of 3.05, despite an average high school GPA of 4.034 for its entering students. Finally, in emulation of most graduate schools, Reed College requires the completion of a thesis. It was this thesis that has taken up most of my time since my last post, as the rest of the summer was spent preparing and choosing a topic. So as an explanation of my long absence, I would point you to my thesis. Unfortunately, an important point from that body of work is the basis for a paper I hope to submit to a Linguistics conference, and as such, it will stay close to my chest for now. However, the conclusions of  my thesis are most relevant to my constructed language (and ensure it follows the rules for human language), so you will see tastes of it in upcoming posts.

Then, having graduated, I intended to begin posting again. But after so much work, I found it easier to turn off my brain when I wasn’t searching for jobs. As such, I have taken a (rather unsuccessful) attempt at semi-pro gaming in both Starcraft 2 and League of Legends, although my real intent was to spend some time relaxing. Now that that momentary fashion has passed, I plan to return to writing next week with the same schedule I had previously established. As well, I have already written reviews of some fantasy/sci-fi authors, but I had forgotten my wordpress password. So those will be posted up on my blog seemingly back in time as soon as I get around to editing them. I hope you will continue to read as I construct a language, tell a story, and delve into the secrets of language. As well, there will be no break next year, as due to some issues with my ID, I will be applying to grad schools for Fall 2012, not 2011.


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