Language and Steampunk

I have not posted on Ercethi or the novel in a good amount of time. This is for, I think, a good reason. Some features of Ercethi, namely those about Affectedness, were waiting in drafts to be published once edited. Unfortunately, my Undergraduate thesis was not only successful, it was too successful. As such, while my Ercethi verbs are consistent with the universal rules of grammar, they are not wholly encompassing. As such, I will be adding a third class of verbs. When this is done, I will finally write about what my thesis said, as well as how I have chosen to apply this to my thesis.
As well, I am starting to get back into the swing of writing The Edge of the World. Unfortunately, a lot of what I have been doing is rewriting. Much of what I have feels both rushed and derivative, so my next large update will up the word count significantly without actually adding any more chapters. This should hopefully happen by the end of September. I would like to have it up before then, but I have grad school applications to work on.


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