Firstly, a number of the languages are going to be descendants from Ercethian, or at least contain words from it. The rest are variations on another common ancestor language. However, as the book is going to be written in English, the common ancestor language, and thus the language that most characters will speak, will be rendered in English. Perhaps when I have the grammar fully fleshed out, I can actually write up the whole book in translation. That would be cool for me, as an accomplishment, but frankly, of little use to most people. And the dialectal names are at this point, simply named after the nations they represent/demographics, but will eventually be named.

The Old Tongue

  • Erhennul
  • Mekalian Script
  • Modern Ael
  • Myterian
  • Olaneva Cursive

Other Ancestor Language

  • Borderland Pidgin
  • Engineer Babble
  • Mountain Talk
  • Myterian Common
  • Olaneva Common (actually a combination of the two ancestral languages)
  • Professorese

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